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So why would you want to work with me? Everyone has concerns about working with freelancers and design agencies. A lot of people don't know what to expect when they work with a new designer because we're all so different.

While working in fashion, I've played a crucial role in designing, developing, and fitting everything from bras to sleep to swim.  I've also spent a great deal of time working on photoshoots, sourcing manufacturers, and understanding everything I could about my customers and what they were looking for.

I've been product obsessed as long as I can remember and I love building clever garments with great fit, form, and functionality.  I have worked for both private labels and brands, so I understand all sides of the development process and also have the ability to foresee potential snags and hiccups.  I'm always thinking of ways to do things more efficiently, solve problems, and drive business.  

In addition to all of these unique skills, I'm also driven by a positive mindset and love a workplace that encourages collaboration. The best ideas come from all different places, so whether you're the CEO or the bellboy, your ideas are worth putting out there.


Here is what you get every time you work with me:

  • POSITIVE ATTITUDE: It's challenging to get anything done if you don't have the right mindset, so I try to always put myself in the right headspace and keep a positive attitude about problems.

  • EXPERIENCE & EXPERTISE: Over 9 years of experience in fashion design, specializing in intimates, swim, and sleepwear working with private labels, e-commerce, and fashion brands.

  • ORGANIZATION & DETAIL ORIENTATION: Lingerie and underwear are so component driven that you have to be able to stay organized. Paying attention to the details is just part of good design.

  • CLEAR COMMUNICATION: Working with overseas factories has taught me a great deal about conveying information easily across language barriers. I can help you figure out the best way to share information to get your product right the first time.

  • SPEED & FLEXIBILITY: Timing and calendars are among the most underrated difficulties in launching a new product or brand. Speed to market is extremely important and I'll always try my best to achieve your deadlines.

  • SOLUTION-DRIVEN THINKING: Thinking about solutions to problems is one of my favorite things to do for new companies. Sometimes looking at problems from your own POV is limiting but an outsider's perspective can make all the difference.

  • GREAT TIMES: Anyone who knows and works with me understands that I love to have a good laugh, tell a great story, or eat a tasty snack. My husband likes to cook them ;)



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