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Listen and Learn: 8 Bingeworthy Fashion Podcasts for Professionals & Enthusiasts

Fashion isn’t just for the eyes; it’s also for the ears. Forget textbooks, courses, and YouTube deep dives—just pop in your headphones and immerse yourself in the world of fashion through these amazing podcasts. From fashion history and freelancing tips to brand-building and current events, there’s a podcast for every fashionista out there.

A young woman with pastel pink hair recording a podcast with orange headphones and a microphone.

Ready to expand your fashion knowledge or hear from industry experts? Here are eight must-listen podcasts that you’ll absolutely adore.

Fashion Designers Get Paid

Podcast artwork for Fashion Designers Get Paid Podcast with Sew Heidi

Hosted by Heidi Weinberg (a friend of ours, by the way—read our interview with her here), Fashion Designers Get Paid is a trailblazer in the podcast world. This show dives deep into the real lives of fashion professionals, not just the high-end designers and celebrities. Topics range from navigating a career in fashion and starting your own brand to freelancing in the industry.

It’s not just for designers, either. Students, technical designers, product developers, and pattern makers will all find valuable insights here. Fun fact: two of our team members have been featured on this show! Check out episode 185, where our CEO Kristen shares her journey of building her own fashion design agency and starting a fabulous intimates brand. And don’t miss episode 188, where Trudy talks about her incredible transformation from military pilot to 3D fashion designer.


Podcast artwork for Underdressed Podcast

Speaking of Trudy, she hosts her own podcast, Underdressed, where she delves into the fascinating world of intimate apparel. Get ready to explore the art, practice, and technical execution of the garments we wear closest to our skin. Trudy discusses how designers balance creativity and functionality, particularly with our delicate yet hard-working base layers.

Trudy is our go-to 3D designer, and she talks about Clo3D a lot. If you’re curious about 3D design and the Clo3D software, don’t miss episode 8 with Isabel Crosby and episode 11, which is all about 3D Design Software for Intimate Apparel.

How Fitting Podcast

Podcast artwork for the How Fitting Podcast with Alison Hoenes.

Tired of ill-fitting clothes from an industry that doesn’t seem to care? Enter the How Fitting Podcast, hosted by Alison Hoenes, a freelance patternmaker who helps women’s slow fashion brands get their designs to production without compromising fit, vision, or values.

In her episodes, Alison interviews fashion industry experts and entrepreneurs on a wide range of topics, including business, fashion design, technical design, garment fitting, inclusivity, sustainability, sourcing, and manufacturing. Some of our favorite episodes are episode 85, where our CEO Kristen discusses the intimate details of lingerie design and start-up life, and the latest episode 93, about creating a size chart with representation with Og Ajibe of Oge Ajibe.

We even had the honor of having Alison write a guest post for our blog, sharing tips and techniques for drafting patterns for stretch materials.


Podcast artwork for the StartUp FASHION podcast with Nicole Giordano

If StartUp FASHION sounds familiar, it’s because Nicole Giordano runs an online community of the same name, providing courses and resources for independent startup fashion designers worldwide. Her podcast, while not updated since September 2023, is a treasure trove of knowledge. Nicole covers everything from marketing your brand and selling more products to building your team and leveling up your fashion business.

Definitely hit that follow button if you’re planning to start your own fashion brand.

Dressed: The History of Fashion

Podcast artwork for Dressed The History of Fashion Podcast

Calling all fashion history nerds! Have you ever wondered about the origins of polka dots or poodle skirts? Or maybe you want to learn more about fashion greats like Vivienne Westwood. Then you need to check out Dressed—a history of fashion podcast created by fashion historians April Calahan and Cassidy Zachary.

This podcast celebrates the who, what, when, and why of what we wear throughout history and around the world. Trust me, it’s the history lesson you wish you had in school.

The Business of Fashion

Podcast artwork for the Business of Fashion Podcast

To succeed in fashion, you need to understand and keep up with the market. It may not be the most glamorous aspect, but it’s crucial. Enter the Business of Fashion Podcast, your go-to for staying up to date on the latest in the fashion business. Hosted by founder and CEO Imran Amed, this podcast features interviews with the biggest names in fashion, from designers and investors to business moguls. It offers weekly audio episodes that present thoughtful editorial stories and fashion-oriented perspectives in a fresh and engaging way.

The Run-Through With Vogue

Podcast artwork for The Run-Through with Vogue

The Run-Through with Vogue is a weekly podcast from the editors of Vogue and Condé Nast. It is your insider’s look at the latest happenings in the fashion world. From red carpets and runways to cultural events that put style in the spotlight, hosts Chloe Malle and Chioma Nnadi, along with a fabulous mix of guests, bring you all the details.

They’re quick to report—by Tuesday morning after the Met Gala, they already had a full breakdown of the previous night’s looks.

Wardrobe Crisis

Podcast artwork for the Wardrobe Crisis

As a fashion design agency focused on sustainable and ethical brands, we couldn’t leave out the Wardrobe Crisis. Hosted by Clare Press, Vogue Australia’s first Sustainability Editor, this podcast is the hub for all things sustainability and ethical fashion. Clare explores fashion’s role in climate change and highlights those making a difference. Her approach is never judgmental or patronizing. 

Whether you're looking to deepen your knowledge, get insider tips from industry experts, or simply enjoy a good story about fashion's fascinating history, there's something here for every fashion enthusiast. So, grab your headphones and let these voices guide you through the trends, techniques, and timeless tales of the sartorial world. Whether you need something new to listen to during your commute, your workout, or a lazy Sunday, these podcasts are the perfect companions. 

And if we've missed your favorite, drop us a comment—we're always eager to discover new fashion-forward listens. Happy podcasting!

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