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Strategic Advisory


Strategic Advisory is our bespoke design coaching option for brands and entrepreneurs that need more 1-on-1 support while they get started. 


Whether you need quick design advice, tech pack support, or just confirmation that you're moving in the right direction, this is for you. 

Check out how you can work with us on Strategic Advisory below:

1 Hour Quickie Consult

Perfect for solo entrepreneurs just starting who are looking for one-off design coaching and guidance to ensure they're moving in the right direction.


Get Started Right

Not sure if your idea is worth pursuing or have challenges to manage? Use this 1-on-1 session to hear actionable advice from an industry expert on what to do next.


Fresh Design Feedback

Don't live in your own head, get feedback instead! This is the perfect time to get constructive feedback for taking your product to the next level with an outsider's point of view. 


No Commitment

If you just need some quick advice, no pressure to commit to more. This can be a nice way to test the waters working together, but without any stress!

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Four Seasons Advisory

Ready for more consistent support? Our Four Seasons advisory package gives us a year to connect the dots and find what works!


Monthly Advisory Call

Meet with Kristen 1x a month to discuss your biggest challenges and get immediate feedback on how to rise above and conquer whatever comes your way.


Quarterly Trend Recaps

Get regular reminders you're headed on the right track with quarterly trend recaps tailored to your brand + category.


Regular Website + Product Feedback

Make sure you're not missing the mark on anything.  Our regular check-ins on the product + website will ensure you're fully supported and always improving.

Topics we can discuss:

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Tech Pack Illustration SKETCHES and CONSTRUCTION DETAILS.jpg


Market Research

  • How to organize your competitor research

  • Creating a thorough market analysis 

  • What to look for in white space opportunities

  • Trends in the market related to color, print, silhouette, marketing, etc



  • Design feedback for your collection

  • Merchandising your website

  • Finding the right design partners

  • Sketch review and audit 

  • Color palette review and audit

  • Collection and style feedback and review


Technical Design

  • Everything you need to know about tech packs

  • How to run a garment fitting

  • Sending fit comments to factories

  • How to grade your size range

  • Why size and fit are so critical to your brand

  • Measurement chart review and suggestions


Brand Strategy

  • Identifying your ideal target customer

  • Size range considerations for inclusivity

  • How to perform sales analysis

  • Copywriting guidance

  • Planning product + editorial photoshoots


Product Development

  • How to scout the right factories

  • Sourcing the right raw materials

  • Developing your own fabrics and trims

  • Sample management and organization

  • General process overview and higlights

  • Finding the right fit models

Work With Our Team

We can't wait to help you design and build your dream brand. If you're interested in working with us, please fill out this form. It will help us get the ball rolling to find out if we're a good match.


Absolutely no information is shared with third parties, your information is safe with us!

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