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Summer 2022 Fashion Trends

Close your eyes and picture a time of butterfly clips, micro mini skirts, and velour tracksuits.

Were you instantly transported back to the early 2000s?

I’m here to tell you that Y2K fashion is back, baby! Do you feel those warm fuzzies of nostalgia bubbling up yet?


It was only a matter of time before the cyclical nature of fashion brought back the loud, futuristic, tech-inspired style that marked the turn of the millennium.

After years of focussing on the minimalist look, we are finally ready for gaudy, statement, dopamine dressing.

Who can we thank for the revival? None other than Gen Z. Since most Gen-Zers were too young to partake in the popular fashions of the former decades, they’re now bringing them back with a vengeance.

So what can we expect to see again, and how is it getting a modern twist?

Below I will break down the Y2K revivals we can expect to see this summer.

1. Lucky Charms

Photo Credit: For Love & Lemons

The days of crafting beaded bracelets with your BFF are long gone, but that doesn’t mean charm jewelry is dead. This season, we see lingerie and swimwear adorned with brightly beaded jewelry wrapped around the waist. So it might be time to dig those yin & yang beads out of your craft closet.

2. Butterfly, Sugar Baby

Photo Credit: Dua Lipa Instagram

Remember when Crazy Town sang, “You're my butterfly, sugar baby”? Thanks to Dua Lipa, butterfly motifs will be everywhere this summer. She donned a Blumarine butterfly top on her IG, and social media went aflutter.

3. Bedazzled 2.0

Photo Credit: Frankies Bikinis

Today’s youth will never know the extreme sport of adding rhinestones to all

your clothes with a Bedazzler. This summer, expect to find crop tops and bikinis bejeweled with rhinestones (no work necessary). If you’re seeking sparkle without all the jewels, glitter spandex and tricot are all the rage. Think of the cult favorite Fairy Dress from Mirror Palais or the Shine Celine One Piece from Beach Riot.

4. Velour & More

Photo Credit: Skims

It’s all about texture! The infamous Juicy Couture velour tracksuits sported by Paris Hilton and Nicole Richie are forever seared into our brains. Skims launched a velour loungewear collection modeled by none other than Paris to tap into this nostalgia. But the texture doesn’t stop there. Brands like Araminta James and Blackbough Swim have introduced terrycloth to their loungewear and swim.

5. All Tied Up

Photo Credit: Princess Polly

It’s all about the ties. Gen Z is practically an army in their open tie front cardigans. I swear I see at least 10 girls wearing this top when I go out. But the ties don’t stop there. This summer, we will see our fair share of slinky Kate Moss-esque dresses with criss-cross tie backs like this one from Subsurface.

6. Cut It Out

Photo Credit: Poster Girl

The 2000s was all about showing some skin. Whether it was your navel or your back. And it appears that nothing has changed. Round 2 still has us showing off our bods with peekaboo cutouts. One of the brands showcasing this trend the best is Poster Girl. Every piece in their collection looks like an outfit stolen from Maddy’s closet from Euphoria.

7. Retro Psychedelic Prints

Photo Credit: Beach Riot

This year's prints are inspired by your old lava lamp and pictures torn from your Limited Too catalog. So expect to see bright hibiscus florals, vibrant marble swirls, and loud checkered prints. But, come on, we all know it wouldn’t be a 2000s reboot without futuristic groovy (did someone say Austin Powers?) inspired patterns.

8. Make It Mini

Photo Credit: Miu Miu Spring 2022

How short can we go? The barely-there micro mini skirt reappeared on the Miu Miu Spring 2022 runway. It’s giving off major 00’s Britney Spears and Paris Hilton vibes. This amount of leg may not be suitable for work, but it’s definitely ideal for summer.

9. Halter Right There

Photo Credit: I.AM.GIA

The halter is having a moment! You can spot the bold neckline on sundresses, party tops, and the beloved tankini. In the past, it was all about recreating the 70s staple, but now we are modernizing the 90s/2000s version.

10. Thong Song

Photo Credit: Subsurface

Save the most controversial for last. Love it or hate it… the visible thong is back. Celebs like Bella Hadid, Kendall Jenner, and JLo have been seen sporting a whale tail. Fashion brands like Subsurface are now selling pants and skirts with straps to mimic the appearance of a g-string hanging out. There’s nothing quite like underwear as outerwear.

So what do you think of the new millennium’s return? Are there any trends that you won’t be trying this round? Share your thoughts in the comments.



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