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Runway Kit: Swimwear and Beyond!

We're excited to share about a recently set up partnership with Runway Kit to judge the Next Top Swimwear Label Competition, which is going on through the end of the week, ending November 7th, 2020.

We're also offering the grand prize winner an ultra-special, customized print from our design studio. This contest is an excellent way to help get your samples made and some of your production, too! Check out the first-place prizes down below for more details on precisely what you can win. There are also 2nd and 3rd place prizes too, so even if you're not the grand prize winner, you can still walk away with some great opportunities!


If you haven't heard of Runway Kit just yet, here's the skinny:

Runway Kit is a new service that allows early-stage founders to develop unique samples based on their own designs OR curate a beautiful collection with a mix of existing bodies from the Runway Kit collection. Created by MAS, a Sri Lankan factory that produces for brands like Calvin Klein, Everlane, and Victoria's Secret — these guys know their stuff, especially when it comes to swimwear, activewear, and underwear!

One of my favorite parts about the way Runway Kit operates is reducing sample wastage by creating 3D samples to perfect the garment before a single stitch is sewn. Fashion is a super wasteful industry in general, and sampling repeatedly contributes to many gas emissions with back-and-forth shipping. Figuring out a way to reduce the number of samples and shipping is an ongoing struggle for many brands. I've been really impressed with the samples I've seen from Runway Kit, and their team really knows what they're doing when it comes to swimwear. They currently only offer swimwear and activewear through their platform, but they're working on adding lingerie soon.

We also recently caught up with the team over at Runway Kit to give some advice for founders just getting started on their brand. We shared a lot of info that can help you get started on the right foot. Part 1 of our interview was already released, but part 2 is coming soon. Read more on their site!



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