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Loungier Livin' in 2020

The world is shifting pretty rapidly as a result of Covid-19. Most non-essential businesses are closed or running remotely, and many of us are self-isolating if we haven't already been directed to do so by our governments. If you're one of the lucky people that get to stay home during this time, then you'll probably agree that the need for comfy apparel takes moves to a new level when you're trapped at home all. day. long.

Most of us aren't shopping for apparel as much as we used to, but if you're itching to add a few things to your wardrobe and want to continue to support the economy at the same time, then loungewear is the perfect product to shop for during this downtime. It's something you'll definitely be wearing in the next few weeks, and it's a sweet indulgence that can be cost-efficient too!

And...if you're like me and some of my gal pals, you're just now realizing that you aren't as well equipped to be home, comfy, and carefree as you thought. I'm sure many of us could really stand to up our loungewear game. I know I'm about to recycle some of my most well-loved gear because it's starting to get threadbare and tattered from my repeated wear and wear...and wear... I really know how to love my clothes till the very end!

So if like me and you're looking for some new lounge fashion items that are just as comfy as they are beautiful, here are ideas, silhouettes, and brands to shop for first. Links are below!

Some essential items that you might want to get a hold of for your loungier livin':

  • Basic bralette silhouettes in comfy, novelty fabrics, featuring one or two key trims or details to elevate and express style with soft subtleness. My two favorite places of the moment are and

  • A resurgence of 90's underwear silhouettes in delectable fabrics ( cotton), simple trims, and clean-cut lines. Check out the underwear at for starters.

  • Oversized and boxy knit tops. Look for dolman sleeves and loose-fitting raglan styles for that extra relaxed look. Head over to for some great options!

  • Fun and playful pajama sets with clean-cut animalistic conversational prints. Really diggin' the options from!




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