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Tech Pack Terms and Definitions

tech pack and fashion terms for new designers
Image Credit: Jasmine Stroud

Welcome back to terms of and definitions you should know if you’re building a collection.

If you're an early-stage entrepreneur and building your collection. You probably don’t know anything about Tech Packs, which is ok. But if you want to be ahead of the game, check out these tech pack terms and definitions that you should know.

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Bill of Materials (BOM): A list of all the components that make up your garment. This often includes fabrics, trims, and thread. It may also include labels and hangtags but does not always.

Points of Measure (POM): A visual or a well-described list that explains how main stakeholders should spec their garments so that everyone is on the same page.

Grade Rules: A system that explains how the pattern shifts as the sizes increase or decrease.

Grading: The principle of increasing or decreasing the specs of garments based on the variance in size and distribution.

Fit Comments: Documentation through visuals, text, and pattern adjustments of how you would like the factory to revise the garment in the next iteration.

Specs: All the necessary measurements for a garment organized in an easy-to-read visual chart.

Delivery: Overarching broad term used to relate to when your final goods will arrive, usually used in the context of bulk.

Fit Sample: A garment created for the purpose of improving the construction and fit. May also be called a proto sample.

Prototype Sample (Proto): Sometimes just referred to as a 'proto,’ 'prototype. This is interchangeable with development samples. An early-stage physical sample that demonstrates your initial design concept.

Pre-Production Sample (PP sample): A sample sent right before the production of your products begins. The final look before your garments goes into production, and it's often the last point you can make changes.

Top Of Production (TOP) Sample: This is the first 1 or 2 samples coming off your manufacturing line. These mark what your bulk will look like. They're still classified as samples, but by the time you receive them, it's too late to make changes unless something is very wrong and can be fixed.

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