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8 Sustainable Brands You Need In Your Closet….Like, Yesterday!

sustainable intimate and swimwear brands for women

We've been thinking a lot about sustainability these days. More this topic has been bubbling up in the fashion world, especially in intimate apparel and swimwear. It's hard to know where brands stand unless it's already a core value.

Below are 9 sustainable brands that are working to create more sustainable products end to end and THEN some! We give you the skinny on who they are + what we love about them so you don't have to do all the leg work.

Let's go!

1. Knickey

About the company: This is a brand focused on one thing and one thing only: Making the best damn organic cotton underwear possible. These beauties are breathable, soft, toxin-free, and are created with no harsh chemicals. This undies brand is a clear favorite for any women concerned about what touches their skin!

What we love about them: What's not to love?? Knickey is a sustainable, female-founded, vocal about women's health, incredibly ethical, and… they create really, really comfy undies!! They're super soft, with a waistband that doesn't dig in, the cutest cuts, and the best part: you forget you're wearing them. We can't help but love a socially good undies brand like Knickey. They have discounts for multi-packs, a recycling program, and cute totes too!

Price Range: $13 per pair! Can't beat it.

2. Under Protection

About the company: Underprotection is a Danish company founded in 2010. Right from the start, they have been committed to creating sustainable, glamorous, fashionable intimate apparel. Since 2010, Underprotection's collection has expanded to include loungewear, lingerie, swimwear, and even accessories (be sure to check out their cute eye masks!) Underprotection is making global strides, too; they're internationally recognized as an eco-friendly brand!

What we love about them: Underprotection's commitment to sustainable, ethical fashion is an inspiration to the team at KRSTN NDRSN. Their (fabulously long) list of certifications includes GOTS, WRAP, BSCI, Oeko-Tex 100, GRS, Peta Vegan Approved, FSC, Global Recycled Standard, and many, many more!

Price Range: Affordably priced, ranging from 35 - 70 €

3. ELSE Lingerie

About the company: ELSE Lingerie is a high-end, woman-owned company designed to elevate the everyday. Celebrating the multi-faceted woman, ELSE offers everything from loungewear to beachwear to intimates.

What we love about them: ELSE Lingerie is a feminist brand determined to leave the smallest carbon footprint possible. ELSE emphasizes responsibility and respect for their community and the artisans they work with. We admire their commitment to anti-racism, sustainability, and doing the most social good! Additionally, every single ELSE piece is handcrafted by women in Istanbul, who are trained in the latest lingerie-making techniques. We love the ELSE lingerie empowers us, and also their makers!!

Price Range: $100+

4. Nereida

About the company: This woman-owned company creates consciously and ethically designed lingerie. And, might I add, lingerie that is colorful, sensual, and extremely comfortable!! Nereida is indeed the full package!

What we love about them: Nereida is so committed to sustainability, that they don't generate ANY waste from ANY of their collections! They keep all of the 'production leftovers' to create new garments. Nereida is also committed to ethical and fair working conditions; Hence, they pay their seamstresses above-average wages!

Price Range: €10 - €60

5. Nico Underwear

About the company: NICO utilizes minimalism and subtle luxury to create stunning intimates and leisurewear. This Australian brand is exceptionally responsible and has a healthy respect for both the people they work with and the environment.

What we love about them: We like NICO because they are dedicated to ensuring that their environmental footprint is as sustainable as possible; NICO's organic cotton fabrics are GOTS certified, and their yarn passes the Standard 100 by OEKO-TEX. While their materials stand the test of time, NICO also practices extremely ethical working conditions. Their bras are also super cute.

Price Range: $55 - 200

6. Le Buns

About the company: Le Buns is an Australian intimate and swimwear brand. Each Le Buns garment is consciously designed, sustainable, and has a luxe, minimalist style. They're on point with trends without being too 'fast fashion' either.

What we love about them: Le Buns is an extremely transparent brand with an ethical code of conduct listed on their website. This brand is exceptionally intentional about its sustainability. It considers their environmental impact when selecting what factories to work with, what fabrics to use, and every other detail from start to finish. Oh, and they don't photoshop their models!

Price Range: $30 - 90

7. Eco Intimates

About the company: Since its humble beginnings back in 2008, Eco Intimates has remained clear in its mission: To create eco-friendly, ethically made, luxurious lingerie and sleepwear. They accomplish this mission successfully; The brand has developed a variety of romantic, feminine pieces that are sure to delight.

What we love about them: It's pretty straightforward. Eco Intimates is committed to sustainability at every level of production. From selecting organic cotton to utilizing compost bags to ensuring working practices are as ethical as possible (their website notes that garments are assembled by seamstresses in their own homes, on their own time!) - there's a lot to love about Eco Intimates. The founder's ethos is pretty great too: "To remind women how truly beautiful they naturally are." It doesn't get much better than that.

Price Range: €70 - €130

So what's the verdict? Dig them all? We do too.

We hope you enjoyed learning about some of our favorite sustainable brands! If you've recently stumbled on a new brand you're loving in the sustainable space, please email us to share. We love hearing from new brands, too!

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