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Is Your Money Mindset on Ice?


Lately, we’ve been having a lot of conversations about money. The way we think about money has become skewed from what its actual purpose is in our lives and businesses. This broken way of thinking inspired me to share a little bit about it and how I’ve changed my money mindset over the past few years.

If you grew up in a single-parent household like mine, or if your family had a lot of kids, you just didn’t have a lot of money to spare. You probably grew up having a money mindset where the focus is LACK. Not getting, not having enough, must save every penny. You get the idea.

This mindset is a HUGE problem when it comes to business ventures, though. You can’t grow a company when you believe that money must be saved. Ok, why is that, you ask? I bet you’re already thinking, “Saving money is good, Kristen! You should totally save your money.”

NO. You shouldn’t. I mean, yes, of course, you should have some funds in reserve, an emergency fund, yes. But should you scrimp and save every penny when you’re working to make a business come to life? Absolutely not.


Because money serves a purpose far more remarkable when you use it.

Money is transactional.

It gets its energy in the universe from being spent, utilized, and leveraged as a TOOL for your business. Because that’s exactly what money is, a tool. It helps us move from starter to savant, but you have to USE IT.

I’m not telling you to go out and be reckless, either. That’s no good. What you should be doing, though, and this I know for sure: Use your money on the things you need most.

Whether it’s using it to get help and support, an app that saves you loads of time and energy, or a physical item you need for your business, money is a tool. It allows you to fix a problem you have, but so many people want to focus on saving all their money. What does that do? It also saves your pain — to deal with later until it reaches a boiling point.

Money likes to be spent. It’s the purpose of it; it’s how it prefers its time to be spent.

When you save and hold onto the money, you’re also telling the universe that it’s hard to come by. You’re telling the world that you’re uncertain about getting more, and you’re showing desperation by squeezing it so tightly. But again, Money WANTS to be spent. If you start spending your money on places that help you solve problems — your life will change incredibly quickly. It unlocks things like you can’t really imagine.

If you’ve ever met me and we’ve talked about this — you’ll know my favorite mantra about money:

Money is a boomerang.

I throw it out, and it comes right back to me. The more I spend, the greater I grow my business, the more significant impact I make on the world, and the more I move that needle forward. Sending money out to support others also supports me.

I try to never tell myself that money is hard to come by anymore. Money is easy to come by, really. We’re always making more money all the time. If you believe wholeheartedly that you can always generate more, nothing can stop you.

One of the books that really helped me shift my money mindset was Attractor Factor by Joe Vitale. There are a lot of other books that have given me insight along the way, but this book was a catalyst for my own mindset shift. I hope some of you might read it and have the same experience. If you’ve already read it, let me know what you think in the comments.

Spend your money on what matters to your business. It will make all the difference.

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