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Getting Out of a Creative Rut!

tips for fashion designers struggling after a creative rut

It happens to all of us. I know I’ve been there more times than I would like to admit.

We fall victim to that problem that plagues all creatives. The creative rut. There’s really almost no other phrase that can scare an artist more. It’s simply terrifying to feel stuck as a designer or someone that creates as a living.

You feel like you need to ‘be inspired’ to design again. It’s like the creative part of your brain shut off and is on vacay mode, only it’s been a few weeks and now you’re starting to get a little worried.

What do you do?

Exactly what you’d do if you were on fire:

Stop, drop, and roll into something.

But, no, really. My advice is sound, I swear. It’s great if you’re on fire, but even better when you’re in a creative rut. The answer is in that system.

STOP focusing on the rut itself.

STOP getting lost in all the crazy, wild, doubtful thoughts surrounding it.

STOP feeling like an imposter. Everyone goes through this sometimes.

DROP the worry that you’ll never get out of it.

DROP the idea that you need to be inspired to create.

DROP the negative thoughts and attitude about it. Appreciate the time instead.

ROLL into another hobby you’ve neglected and spend time with that for a while.

ROLL forward with the idea that you can create from anything, anywhere, anytime.

ROLL away from all the garbage thoughts that are bullsh*t anyway.

One thing I like to remind myself is that a creative rut is really just something I made up in my mind. Creativity courses through my body like red blood cells. I am always capable of being creative and I control this narrative. Whenever I’d like to change it, my creativity can actually allows me to do that.

This is all a story we tell ourselves about ourselves.

We can tell ourselves a negative story, or we can create a new one. By creating a new story you can shift the dynamic.

So instead of getting moody and all depressed about the so-called ‘rut,’ start telling yourself a new story. In this story, make yourself the heroine instead of the damsel in distress.



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