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Living in the Discomfortzone

how to embrace your discomfort zone and accept change

I’ve always dreaded change and moving away from the familiar, especially as a young person. It was the foreignness that I was stepping out into the unknown that really got me worried. Anything could happen. At the back of my mind was the fear that maybe I wouldn’t make it through whatever it was. Like, this moment, this change -- it might be the thing to break me.

In the beginning, moving away from the known into the unknown always feels the worst. You're not sure what the future holds. You wonder and worry about the possibilities. Any adjustment can change the story of our lives. We try shifting the narrative in ways that put us on a clear path toward accomplishing our goals.

That doesn’t always happen, though, because sometimes change is a disruptive jerk. Sometimes it’s not your choice, and it's unavoidable. Frustrating as it may be, even these changes can be useful if you keep an open mind.

The most important thing to remember is. Eventually, you must accept the change. Accepting it is always the most challenging part. It’s also the one that sets you on the path to your future.

I currently live in my discomfortzone—a land of amazing change.

I've lived here before, and eventually, the ride takes you back to your comfort zone to rest a little bit and recoup. Right now, I'm making the most of this space. Living in a world where I'm forced to accept that I can't control everything is a powerful place to grow new seeds of self.

There are many reasons I live in this space, but a lot of them are related to my career. Moving into self-employment is a terrifying thought for many people. It's scary to me now, even living in this space for many months. Sure, it gets easier, but it's never easy.

When you break a bone, and it's healing, it still hurts. Growth is hard. It’s painful. Sometimes it hurts like a b*tch.

There is a reason a lot of people shy away from it. For most of us, we love to be comfortable, nestled into our own easy, plush lives where we know exactly what to expect from each day.

But comfort doesn't give you the challenges that will take you to new places. It doesn't create a world where you must adapt to survive.

I try to never run from change or discomfort anymore. I’ve learned to lean into it, accepting the possibilities change offers. Sometimes it actually feels like a secret I discovered. It’s this sweet spot where all good things really come to life. Change makes us.

That very thing that I hated about change is one of the things I love most now. It feels like a wild ride; it’s a more enjoyable journey once you stop resisting.

Go ahead, wave your hands in the air like you just don’t care.

This shift in mindset has made all the difference in the trajectory of my life.

It’s taken a lot of time to learn, but I know now that change will never break me.

I am always able to figure it out. You will too.



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