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Swimwear Essentials: Key Classic Swimwear Styles for a Versatile Collection

Hello, all to all our fabulous fashionistas!

Today, we're taking a quick dip into the vibrant world of swimwear, ready to explore the classic silhouettes and shapes for tops, bottoms, and one-pieces that have stood the test of time. Whether you're planning the perfect swimwear collection, dreaming up your ideal beach attire, or just passionate about swimwear, you're in the right place. We're here to navigate the wide array of styles that make up the backbone of swimwear fashion, ensuring you're well-equipped with all your top faves.

An illustration showing off classic swimwear styles in a collection

As we wade through the iconic styles, remember: incorporating these classic silhouettes into your swimwear collection is a surefire way to captivate your audience. They're not just timeless—they're often bestsellers, thanks to their universal appeal and ability to create a well-rounded selection that resonates with a wide audience. So, whether you are sketching your next collection or simply curating your summer wardrobe, paying homage to these classic shapes is a winning strategy.

So, grab your sunnies, and let's make a splash!🏊‍♀️🌞

Classic Bikini Top Silhouettes:

Hand drawn illustrations of a triangle, bandeau, square neck, and halter bikini tops.

Triangle Bikini Top: This classic swimwear style features minimum support using triangular-shaped cups. This style is perfect for smaller busted ladies or those looking for minimal coverage and maximum tanning opportunities. Triangle styles usually feature adjustable ties to allow for a customizable fit. Sometimes made with molded cups, but more classically seen with soft fabric cups with removable pads. 

Bandeau Bikini Top: This is usually a strapless strap style, the bandeau top is ideal to nix those tan lines while providing moderate coverage. Retro-styling has made bandeaus make a strong comeback in recent years. Soft cup bandeaus are usually best suited for those with smaller and mid-sized busts while underwired versions can often work for the fuller busted.

Halter Bikini Top: Halter tops can come in a variety of necklines including plunge, high-neck, and bandeaus, but the main feature that defines a halter top swimsuit is the inclusion of straps that tie or sit around the back of the neck. This style is suitable for various bust sizes and offers a flattering fit, though it can sometimes put extra strain on the back of the neck. Halters can often have a retro feeling similar to bandeaus.

Square Neck Bikini Top: Simple, eye-catching, and bold, a square neck is a great style for an edgier look that looks great on all bodies. The sharp corners of a square neck can be tricky to pull off in production but executed well, they’re a dream for your audience and photograph beautifully.

Hand drawn illustrations of a high apex, scoop neck, crop top, and underwire bikini tops.

High Apex Bikini Top: This is similar to a triangle top, but features an elongated strap that extends toward the shoulder providing more coverage from the shoulder to the top of the cleavage. High apex styles are often plunge necklines as this extension of the strap makes a beautiful, sexy neckline.

Scoop Neck Bikini Top: Similar to the high apex, this style usually features slightly thicker straps and a rounded ‘scooped out’ neckline. Often seen as a bit sportier, this style is great for running around on the beach without fear of poppin’ out of your suit when beach volleyball calls your name.

Underwire Bikini Top: For those seeking more supportive swimwear, underwire bikini tops provide structure and lift, making them a popular choice for fuller busts. These tops often come in bra sizes to ensure a perfect fit, but sometimes they’re alpha-sized. 

Crop Bikini Top: A sporty and stylish option, crop top swimwear offers more coverage and bottom band support, making it ideal for water activities or those looking for a more modest look. This style usually runs a bit longer in the bust so it hits at the mid-waist. 

Classic Bikini Bottom Silhouettes:

Low-Rise Bikini Bottom: The least covering bikini style that sits low on the hips, low-rise bottoms offer minimal coverage and a flirty look. Perfect for those who love to show off their curves. This style is often seen with string ties for an adjustable fit.

Mid-Rise Bikini Bottom: Offering slightly more coverage than low-rise bottoms, mid-rise options sit comfortably on the hips and provide a versatile look that flatters various body types. These styles can be cheekier or more coverage depending on the brand. 

Hand drawn illustrations of a low rise, mid rise, high leg high rise, an high rise low leg bikini bottoms..

High-Rise High Leg Bikini Bottom: High-waisted bottoms have made a major comeback in recent years. This retro-inspired style offers more coverage and creates a flattering, hourglass silhouette

High Rise Low-Leg Bikini Bottom: High-rise bottoms with low leglines, provide maximum coverage for your behind and your mid-section. This style is a true throwback to swim of the 1950s and 60s. 

Cheeky Bikini Bottom: For those who dare to bare, cheeky bottoms offer minimal coverage in the back, accentuating your curves and providing a sexy look.

Full Coverage Bikini Bottom: Ideal for those seeking more modest swimwear options, full coverage bottoms provide ample coverage at the front and back and a comfortable fit.

Classic One-Pieces:

Classic Coverage: A timeless option, the classic one-piece features a scoop neck and moderate coverage in the back, providing a flattering and comfortable fit.

Hand drawn illustrations of classic, plunge, cut-out, and monokini one piece swimsuits.

Plunge: Make a statement with a plunging neckline that extends down to the waist, adding a touch of glamour and allure to your swimwear ensemble.

Cut-outs: One-pieces with strategic cut-outs offer the perfect balance between coverage and style, allowing you to show off some skin while still feeling supported.

Monokini: This is more like a bikini vs a one-piece. The traditional monokini is a topless swimsuit designed with a high-waisted bottom and two thin straps from the center of the chest outward in a V shape, connecting in a halter neck. The modern-day version is a close-fitting one-piece bathing suit with cutouts that reveal large areas of skin.

So, there you have it – your very own guide to the diverse world of swimwear styles. Creating a swimwear line isn't just about fabric and fashion; it's about empowering everyone to find their perfect piece of summer joy. Whether you're sketching up designs or just daydreaming about beach days, remember: the beauty of swimwear lies in its diversity. By embracing a wide range of styles, we can create collections that celebrate all body types and tastes. Here's to designing not just swimwear, but confidence, inclusion, and endless summer vibes. Let's make every style count!



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