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For when you don’t care whether it’s the local beach, river, or lake. You’re in.

We developed this swimwear line for Sophie Wardrop to bring her dream brand to life. Read on to see how SWMR came to life one step at a time.

She Came With Vision...

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It Starts With  Concept

Getting clear in the beginning is all about the initial concept direction.


In the first phase, we pulled recent trend reports to review the latest in the industry related to silhouette, color, detail, and fit. 

We looked for brands that inspired us, prints we loved, and colors we couldn't live without to help us lean hard into the direction that would become SWMR.

Artboard 2 copy.png

The Styles

Staying true to the modern athleisure concept, this capsule collection came together with important pieces designed for active swimming.


Made with recycled nylon swim tricot and mesh, this active swimwear is designed to feel great on the body while being as kind to the environment as possible.

In this first collection we included:


3x bikini tops

3x bikini bottoms

1x one-piece rashguard

2x one-piece suits

Technical Details

It's all about the details and here — there's quite a lot!

This is how we lay out the important callouts for the factory to ensure our samples are made correctly. Without callout pages like these, factories will fill in the blanks on how everything goes together.

Print Direction

The print for this collection was largely inspired by bold geometric tiles in gorgeous muted, earthy hues.


Slide through the images below to see how the print evolved from initial inspiration to the final pattern.

website work swmr page-KA edits 6-14-22-02.jpg

Final Artwork

swmr branding and packaging.png

Branding + Packaging

When it comes to delivering the total package, you can't forget the packaging itself!


From heat seals, to sewn in brand labels, polybags and hangtags, our team ensuresa everything coordinates back to the brand aesthetics and core values.

Final Collection

Take a peek below to see how the final pieces all came together in the campaign photos.

Want to shop this collection of active swimwear? Click here.

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