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About Us

We believe in purpose-driven garment design that is functional, beautiful, and created for longevity. We work thoughtfully and aim to create less waste, both in time and in materials throughout the design and sampling process. Our team is incredibly thorough and detailed to ensure a smooth and seamless process from end to end.

We're impeccable editors. We're great at telling our truth without crushing dreams or hearts. We know what makes winning ideas and how to get through the biggest hurdles you'll face in those early days.

We're wild about designing and creating meaningful garments that inspire, excite, and embolden the wearer to take on new challenges and reach new highs.  

We work with brands with strong, authentic values that closely align with ours.

Meet Our Team

Our Values



We believe in planning for a better tomorrow by doing everything in our power to act responsibly with the planet.



Collaboration is our favorite, but it works best when we have a strong community to learn from and talk to.


Diversity, Equity + Inclusion

We believe in creating an inclusive and uplifting workplace where divergent thinking is applauded.


Female Founded

We love lifting up the ladies! No, really, supporting female-founded fashion brands makes our hearts sing.


Ethical Operations

The people that create our clothes deserve fair and ethical treatment. We want to help them thrive and grow.


Self-Love + Acceptance

You've gotta do you, first. We believe in promoting self-love, self-care, and acceptance of who you already are.


About the Founder

Kristen is passionate about designing and developing inclusive, sustainably made intimates and swimwear with a fantastic fit so every customer can look and feel their absolute best. 

Kristen loves helping new fashion founders learn the industry while building their brands together from the ground up.

Over her career, Kristen has played an instrumental role in numerous brands from initial concept through launch and beyond with sell-out success. 

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