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Kristen Anderson has been designing lingerie + intimate apparel for over 9 years.  Her most recent full-time design position was at SwimUSA, where she was a senior designer for Kona Sol, a contemporary women's swimwear line sold at Target. In late 2019, Kristen left SwimUSA to pursue full-time work with KRSTN NDRSN, her startup fashion design agency started in 2018.

In 2013 Kristen joined the Adore Me team as the first designer hired under the head of design. While at Adore Me, Kristen contributed to a team that increased sales from $5 million in 2013 to nearly $84 million by December of 2016. Many of her best selling lingerie & swimwear is still being re-ordered in new colors and prints.  During Kristen's tenure at Adore Me, it was labeled as the fastest growing lingerie startup in the United States.

After leaving Adore Me to join SwimUSA, Kristen also began bootstrapping a lingerie brand called FEARLYSS co.  In April of 2018, FEARLYSS co was accepted into the Rent The Runway 'Project Entrepreneur' program for female entrepreneurs. FEARLYSS co. eventually pivoted into what is now KRSTN NDRSN. 

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Kristen definitely empathizes with the struggle of the modern woman!  After being different shapes and sizes herself, she truly understands wanting to look + feel your best in your undergarments.  Her sharp understanding of design allows her to develop flattering styles for every body type, shape, and size.

Kristen has demonstrated consistent ability to lead teams, motivate others, as well as start new initiatives, and enhance the overall working experience with an upbeat, fun, light-hearted point of view.


Kristen is passionate about working on new concepts & product ideas, brand launches, and line extensions especially in the intimate apparel and lingerie space.

With 9 years of experience in intimates and swim, she is focused on perfecting fit, functionality, and the overall aesthetic of everything she puts her hands on.  To say she is product obsessed might not be enough!

She enjoys advising and mentoring entrepreneurs and growing designers on how to deliver products that are thoughtful from the inside out.



lingerie + intimates

plus size + full figure design

 swimwear + coverups

sleepwear + loungewear

product development

trend & style analysis

concept & mood boards

fit & construction


tech packs

flat technical sketches


color analysis & lab dip approvals

fabric + trim sourcing

Career Highlights

A few of Kristen's finer moments:

April 2011: Started work as an associate designer at Bennett & Company, working on the Lane Bryant account after being an assistant designer for only seven months.


October 2013: Hired on as the first designer at Adore Me in 2013 working side by side with the Head of Design as a team of 2 until late 2015.


December 2015: Part of a team that experienced tremendous growth, increasing revenue from $5.6 million to $16.2, to $44 million by the end of 2015.

May 2016: Started her first C-Corp business, Fearlyss CO and began developing the product line, social media, and building the brand!

June 2016: Honored with the Young Alumni Achievement Award at Framingham State University.

December 2018: Left her full-time role at Adore Me to take on new role at SwimUSA. Adore Me has their highest single year growth with $84 million in revenue.


April 2018: Chosen as a Project Entrepreneur participant based on work done with Fearlyss CO, created by Rent the Runway and UBS.


December 2018: Kona Sol at Target launches! A new contemporary swimwear brand designed largely by Kristen and her team while she worked at Swim USA.


February 2019: Pivoted her business into KRSTN NDRSN LLC and earned our first client’s business, adding fuel to the fire!


July 2019: Quit her full-time job at SwimUSA to travel to Bali to focus on learning print design, health and wellness and transforming her side hustle at the time, KRSTN NDRSN into a full-time design studio.