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what people are saying

"Kristen is highly talented and has been a joy to work with! She has a unique set of skills and knowledge that cover many aspects of business, from lingerie design to branding and marketing. Being a small startup, she brings fresh, new ideas and expertise from her experience and perspectives that have helped our business grow in many ways. She’s taken our intimates designs to a new level of quality and craftsmanship with her technical design background and experience. She always thinks of the customer and is also kind (which makes her easy to relate to and work with). She’s a great option for early startups not only because she listens well and is able to grasp the voice of a brand quickly, but also listens to the voice of the customer through data and research and is able to create designs around their feedback."

- Emily Kelly

Owner & Co-Founder @ Mentionables

"Working with Kristen was a dream! I only wish that I had found her sooner. Kristen is smart, experienced, and will give you her honest and thoughtful opinion – she immediately felt like a partner rather than a contractor. Kristen helped me at a critical point in my swimwear prototype development, allowing me to complete my process on time and with incredible results. She identified some key issues in my techpacks and grading measurements and was able to get me back on the right track quickly and efficiently. Kristen also helped me by designing prints for my suits and helping me visualize how my collection would come to life. She is super knowledgeable about the category and was generous in sharing trend reports and inspiration that went above and beyond the initial scope of our work. I can’t wait to work with Kristen again for future product design and development!"

- Rachel Moss

Owner & Founder @ Subject Swim

"Kristen, having joined the Adore Me design team early in its inception, was instrumental in building it's success. She is a highly talented designer with a fine eye for detail coupled with a keen sense of business strategy. Kristen is a dedicated hard worker, her passion, engaging personality and sense of humor make her a joy to be around and an asset to any team."

- Helen Mears

Design Director @ Adore Me

"Although we weren't in the same team when Kristen was working at Adore Me, we ended up working together a few times on cross-departmental projects. Kristen is a very organized and thorough person, with high expectations, always thriving for perfection. Her capacity to motivate has always impressed me: Kristen gets people excited to work together and creates a great team spirit, whatever the project. She's extremely creative and full of resources - anyone would be lucky to have her on their team. She's a great asset and a great person."

- Camille Kress

Director of Retail @ Adore Me

"I worked with Kristen as a Design Assistant, and then again as a Vendor Partner. She’s knowledgeable and enthusiastic about design and product development, and also has a keen understanding of the intimates and swimwear markets. As a Senior Design Manager, she guided me through training and processes when I started at Bennett and Company and always had insightful comments about my work. She is quite skilled at projects that require both high levels of creativity and technical skills. She has the ability to take on leadership roles as well as work within a collaborative team setting. She always impresses everyone she works with and I admire her vision and drive. She is a remarkable, talented person and will certainly leave a mark wherever her career takes her."

- Caitlin Campbell

Senior Design Manager @ Bennett & Company

"Kristen is a truly passionate and driven designer with a strong sense of creative problem-solving. We worked together on private label accounts, where directives and calendar dates are constantly shifting and she was consistently able to adapt quickly and with a positive attitude. She is able to understand the relationship between form and function and create beautiful product that takes the consumer's needs into consideration. Perhaps most importantly, in an industry full of moody designers, Kristen always managed to maintain a bubbly personality and a great outlook, which often helped pull the team through challenging situations."

- Regan Miller

Team Design Head @ Puma

"I was lucky enough to have Kristen as my manager at Adore Me. She was a great leader and mentor to me. Her positive attitude was motivation to the whole team in challenging situations. She's able to see the larger problem at hand and pragmatically find a solution that will benefit the greatest amount. One of Kristen's greatest strengths is her passion and desire to help other's excel. She helped me grow as a designer and personally greatly. Kristen was always open to hearing my ideas and questions while working together which made the working environment ideal. Her ability to clearly explain decision making in design and how it will affect not only the customer but the business at whole taught me more than I could have expected."


- Arianna Levin

Designer @ Adore Me