This 29-page downloadable magazine has all the information you need to consider when deciding on a manufacturer. From lead time, to certifications, all the way to reviewing samples for quality - we walk you through every question you should be asking. We also include helpful workbooks to fill out as you evaluate your factories. 

Also included are bonus questions to ask in your first email and follow up questions, too!

Finding Your Factory

$30.00 Regular Price
$15.00Sale Price
  • We cover everything you need to think about:

    • Determining their best capabilities
    • Navigating minimums
    • Lead times and what you should consider
    • Timing + action calendars
    • Production capacity for scalable growth
    • Working conditions and fair treatment of workers
    • Sustainable initiatives and certifications to consider
    • How to evaluate samples
    • Costing + payment terms
    • Making the final decision!
  • A PDF e-book will be sent to you upon payment. No returns. 

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