This offer includes TWENTY FIVE 1-hour video call with Kristen to give feedback, support, and coach you through challenges.  This package can be used to book a call with Kristen every two weeks as you build your fashion brand so you can have regular check-ins with an experienced pro.


This is perfect for a solo-entrepreneur that is just starting out but looking for coaching and guidance as they get started.  


Each call is tailored to your needs and we will share any available resources to help you. Get started today by filling out the included downloadable PDF Brand Building Blocks template before you have your first call with Kristen.


Book your first call to get started!


1 Year of Startup Coaching

  • During this call, we can cover topics such as:

    • Where to look for a manufacturer and what to look for in them
    • Expected costs, negotiation and payment term explanations
    • Calendar timeline & lead time expectations
    • Advice on how to get your first tech pack + samples started
    • Fit sessions, fit samples, fit models explained!
    • Sample expectations and how to iterate when things go wrong
    • Final checks to do before placing bulk orders
    • Market research, feedback, and advice
    • Finding funding, investors or crowdfunding
    • Any questions you might have
  • Calls must begin within 90 days of purchase. This package is non-refundable.

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